Spotify Duo Premium? Explained (Pros & Cons)

What Is Spotify Premium Duo? Explained (Pros & Cons)

by Bharat Kumar — 2 months ago in Mobile Apps 9 min. read

Spotify duo comes with an array of entertainment doses! Here’s everything you need to know about the duo spotify account.

Living together? Spotify duo should be your go-to music destination.

Basically, it’s a discount plan for two people who live together.

Duo users can listen together, listen separately with ad-free music listening and unlimited skips, just hit next 🙂

Spotify being the biggest music streaming platform as it has 87 percent of content available as of now.

Trendy songs, solo-or-duo-hit releases, podcasts, comedy, live shots, and whatnot. Premium account plans give you all doses of entertainment on the verge.

This is where the Spotify duo comes into the picture. One of a kind and cost effective premium plan for two people.

Let’s learn more about duo premium accounts for Spotify users.

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What Is Spotify Duo Or Spotify For Two?

Spotify duo or premium duo is a premium plan for two people under one roof, allowing each user to either listen together or separately, at least to say.

Duo spotify is a cost-effective subscription plan for those who find or struggle to purchase spotify premium duo plans.

All with $14.99 per month, duo plans are a great way to stay connected with Spotify premium dosses, including;

  • Download music, listen anywhere
  • Ad-free listening, no interruption
  • Play and track, even on mobile
  • Unlimited skips, as many as you want

Not only this, Spotify’s duo plans allows two people living in the same flats or couples to have their individual premium account under a single billing.

Now the question arises here is who should switch to duo accounts.

Who Should Be Using A Duo Spotify Account?

Spotify vision to introduce duo account plans to offer two people who reside together. Whether a couple, flatmates, roommates, siblings or best friends. They can listen and experience premium features at an affordable price.

And that seems to be very successful since the company launches duo subscriptions in 55 markets on July 1.

Premium duo is similar to Spotify family premium plan or student plans. Just with little extra features at the sleeve and that’s cost affordable pricing, leads to saving more money.

This very much reflects an arbitrage strategy for Spotify.

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How To Set Up A Spotify Duo Account?

Interested in a Spotify duo premium account? Learn how to set up a premium duo step-by-step.

1. Create Spotify Account

create spotify account
Create Spotify Account

To get most of the experience from duo accounts, you first need to create a spotify account. Sign up for spotify to start listening.

Follow the mentioned to complete your sign up process.

  • Visit Spotify Sign up page.
  • Enter email address or use your phone number instead.
  • Create a password that must contain 1 letter, 1 number or special character, and should be 10 characters long.
  • Next, provide your name, date of birth, and gender.
  • At last, Click on Next button to complete the process.

2. Purchase Spotify Duo Plan

purchase spotify duo plan
Purchase Spotify duo plan

After creating an account, you are green to purchase premium plans. Follow the steps below to find spotify duo plan page.

  • Click on your profile icon and select the Account option.
  • Open Manage your plan settings from your account page. Then, click on the Join Premium button.
  • Scroll down and click on Get Premium Duo.
  • Choose between monthly plans or yearly and pay through credit or debit cards accordingly.
  • Your account will shortly upgrade into a duo account as your payment is successful.

3. Send Invite To A Member

Send invite to your partner
Send invite to your partner

Now that your spotify account is vanguard for duo accounts, you can start to listen and avail premium features at a glance.

You can also invite a second member to join your duo spotify account. This gives you benefits of sharing a playlist, downloading songs, and even creating duo mixes for non-stop entertainment.

  • Go to the Manage Duo section.
  • Click Invite Members to add someone.
  • Enter their email address and once they accept the invitation, they can begin duo experience on their device too.

4. Create Spotify Duo Mix

create spotify duo mix
Create spotify duo mix

This is the wonderful feature of Spotify duo plan. Duo mix in Spotify refers to the creation of an automatic playlist based on both member(s) music tastes.

  • Open spotify app on your web or mobile.
  • Click on Your Library option, then click Duo Mix.
  • In a moment, it creates a shared playlist based on both your music tastes.

5. Share Spotify Playlist With Each Other

Share duo spotify playlist to each other
Share duo Spotify playlist to each other

You can share a custom playlist or automatically created playlist to each other anytime from anywhere. In the playlist, both users can edit and save the playlist as well.

  • Go to the playlist section.
  • From option, click on Collaborative Playlist.
  • Share the playlist link with your partner.

That’s how you can set up an error-free spotify premium duo account between you want. But beware of the policies and working guide of the premium duo.

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How Does Spotify Premium Duo Work?

Indeed, the duo account in spotify being a populous music experience among users. It works distinctly from other Spotify’s hall of plans including student, family members, and individual.

The moment you subscribe to Spotify premium duo, you get a premium account including full access to premium benefits. You can add and remove a second member, create or edit playlist, download and ad-free listening all time, anywhere.

But there’s a condition which needs to be fulfilled first. You both live at the same address to avail Spotify premium duo advantages. This is also among Spotify’s top crucial criteria.

That’s also the reason why Spotify has implemented an address verification process. If you entered a dissimilar address, you both may not be able to reap the premium duo benefits.

How Much Is Spotify Premium Duo?

If you ask how much is the Spotify duo plan? I would say that premium duo have a fixed monthly duo plans for users.

Duo plans start at $14.99 per month. Severely cost-effective than family plans, standard plans, and even individual plans.

Also, new duo users get one month free trial access upon subscription. Existing users, on the other hand, are not entitled for the Spotify Duo free trial.

How Much Is Spotify Premium Duo
Image Credit: Spotify | How Much Is Spotify Premium Duo?

How To Invite Your Partner to Join Spotify Duo?

It’s easy and feasible to invite and join duo spotify irrespective of the device they use.

Head to your account page after you log in. Explore Spotify Premium Duo option and click on it. Under People on this Plan, you may see an option for inviting someone.

Tap on the button to create an invite link. Copy and share to your partner via message app, email, or social chat.

The invited members get a link to join, and they need to do the following things:

👉 Log in to their spotify account.
👉 Confirm their full address.

Remember, the invite link works for a limited period of time, to say for 10 minutes.

In case, the invited link has expired or is not working, try sending a new invite link after a few moments.

How To Share Playlists with Your Duo Partner?

In order to send spotify duo playlists, head to your library section. Select your playlist that you want to share with your partner. From the options, select share or copy link to share manually.

You can share playlist links via messaging apps, social apps, or email, as per your convenience.

How To Listen Separately On Spotify Duo?

Is it possible for two people to listen to different songs by different artists at the same time in a duo account on spotify?

Absolutely Yes, users converging in duo premium can listen to different songs by different artists at the same time.

It happens in this way, when you invite your mate in your duo plans, you both get your own separate account and can stream their own music simultaneously on different devices without any fuss.

You both get access to duo mix playlist and custom music playlist which are tailor-made. Also, users can customize themes, change listening habits, music quality, and streaming preferences including modifying and canceling spotify premium.

How To Cancel a Duo Spotify Account?

There is a common method to cancel any spotify premium plans including spotify duo premium.

If you want to leave my friend duo plan, you can adhere to the following method.

1. Log into

Make sure you login to Spotify web browser using your credentials. Enter email address and password to login.

Now head to your account overview section from your profile menu.

2. Go to Manage your plan, click Change plan

At the account overview list, click on the “Manage your plan” option.

Now, click on the change plan button to make changes like adding more plans or canceling your premium plan.

3. Scroll to Cancel Spotify and click Cancel Premium

You almost did it. Scroll down to cancel the spotify section and there you will see the “Cancel Premium” button. Click on it to cancel the active running premium plan.

Please note that your plan remains active until your plan date expires.

How To Use Duo Accounts On Spotify In Different Countries?

Let’s say… I live in the UK and my friend lives in India. Will I be able to add him on my duo account on Spotify?

Unfortunately, this will not work because you both need and have to be in the same country with the same proof of address.

Using Spotify Duo With Alexa

Did you know that you can set up a Spotify premium duo with Alexa, a smart home music machina.

Integrating Spotify Duo with Alexa can help you stream your duo playlist, make changes, and more via voice commands.

Imagine, saying “Play my duo mix playlist” or “Share this song to (person name)”

Follow the steps below to set your your duo account on your Alexa device:

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  • Tap on the “More” option in the lower-right corner.
  • Tap on the “Settings” to make adjustments.
  • Choose “Music & Podcasts” and then “Link New Service.”
  • Select “Spotify” and it may ask you to log in
  • Go back to the app, tap “Settings” and select “Music & Podcasts.”
  • Scroll to the “Default Services” section, choose “Spotify” as your default music service.

Please note that you both must subscribe to Spotify duo and have individual accounts.

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Acceptable Criteria To Access Duo Spotify

There aren’t many criteria to surpass, but there are few. Mentioned below

A. Both the duo users must reside at the same address.

B. You need to verify your home address.

Following aforementioned criteria successfully, make you both eligible for the Premium Duo Subscription.

From time to time, Spotify may execute you to re-enter your address.

In case the company determines that the Duo membership terms are not being followed. They hold the right to suspend or terminate the account – sad for duo users.

Spotify Premium Duo Features

What to expect in duo spotify premium? Is that you asked?

Premium duo is designed specifically for two people living with the same address proof.

It’s best suitable for couples or siblings that don’t want to take a family plan or individual plan.

It offers a range of features to the duelist, as mentioned below:

  • Enjoy nonstop listening without ads.
  • Download your playlists for offline listening.
  • Find fresh songs tailored to your preferences.
  • Create your music genres and share it to the world.
  • Tailor your playlists to match your musical preferences.
  • Create, edit, and share playlist transcending music tastes of both.

That’s all you entitled to get in one-of-a-kind duo premium plans.

Final Thought: Pros & Cons Of Spotify Duo

Wrapping up this guide, here’s what I think about the duo spotify that you can call it as pros and cons in general.

Good things:

✔️ Spotify duo is a cost effective plan.
✔️ It’s best suitable for couples.
✔️ Premium feature access at a glance.
✔️ High quality listening and streaming.
✔️ Offline downloading and listening anywhere, anytime.

Bad thing:

❌ Only one individual can make a payment.
❌ Cannot invite people residing outside the nation.

Duo premium is a perfect streaming plan if you use Spotify and best for those who share a household with someone.

So, if you haven’t yet tried Spotify premium duo, try today and tell us your experience with me.

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Spotify Premium Duo FAQs

If the above has not answered all of your questions, check our frequently asked questions section.

Where to access duo accounts on spotify?

Users from any continent are entitled to experience duo accounts either from Spotify Web or Spotify App for iOS and Android.

Does spotify duo track location?

Spotify doesn't track your location, instead only checking your address to verify, nothing more.

Does spotify duo come with hulu?

Sorry to say, but the duo spotify doesn’t come with Hulu like Spotify student does.

Which Spotify plan is most worth it?

Every Spotify plan is best on its own terms. For cost saving concerns, Spotify duo is a perfect fit here as it offers all premium features at subtle cost.

Which is better between spotify duo vs family plan?

Premium duo grants a lot of features including duo mix which is not possible in family plan. However, duo doesn’t offer parental control, but it’s worth it at its price.

What to do if my duo spotify account is not working?

This could indicate that the owner of the duo plan has either removed you or doesn’t make the payment to continue the duo service.

In what countries does spotify premium services available?

Spotify duo is available in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. Countries in these continents are enjoying spotify premium.

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