Top 10 Opus Clip Alternatives To Create Viral Short Clips

[New] Top 10 Opus Clip Alternatives To Create Viral Short Clips

by Ankita Sharma — 2 months ago in Top 10 9 min. read

Top ten opus clip alternatives that you can trust for creating viral short videos.

Brand Icon Alternatives to Opus Clip Features
Klap Klap
  • Edit and customize your shorts
  • Supports over 52 languages
  • Automatic caption
  • Team collaboration
  • Viable editing option
  • Support cross devices
  • Affordable plans
  • Fast AI video generation
EditAir EditAir
  • Clean user interface
  • Convenient editing option
Nova AI Nova AI
  • Merge multiple video clips
  • Text to speech output
Wisecut Wisecut
  • Silent auto cut feature
  • Auto subtitles and translations
  • Auto framing and emojis
  • One-click social media sharing
Vizard Vizard
  • Clip in 18 languages
  • User-friendly interface
Shrynk Shrynk
  • Fast video analyzing
  • Easy sharing options


How We Picked Alternative For Opus Clip?

Our team approaches a trial and error method to synopsis the ten best opus clips alternatives for you. We selected these by looking at the following:

  • Multiple features
  • Subscription plans
  • Customer’s trust
  • Community support

1. Klap

Klap good opus clip alternative

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $23.2 per month

Best for: YouTubers to create shorts instantly

What we like:

  • ✔️ Provides a virality score
  • ✔️ Edit and customize your shorts
  • ✔️ Supports over 52 languages

What we dislike

    • ❌ Nothing as of now

We think Klap is the perfect and best opus clip alternative for content creators basically to publish exciting TikTok, Reels, Shorts from YouTube videos in a click.

One of the best features we like is the generation of subtitles automatically in multiple languages; English, French, Hindi, etc. This is helpful for content creators, basically saving their time at a glance.

The other helpful things include video, editing, reframing, translating including generating dynamic captions. It’s worth giving it a try.

2. site similar to opus clip

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $19 per month

Best for: Bloggers and video creators

What we like:

  • ✔️ Team collaboration for increased results
  • ✔️ Automatic and manual caption insertion
  • ✔️ Quick creation of short video clips

What we dislike

    • ❌ Sometimes feels slower response is more than just turning a long video into a short viral clip. Professionals can use this platform to turn scripts and blog posts into videos and transform long-from videos into branded clips by automating the generation of captions.

Like opus clips, solo can invite members and create team plans collaboration for more effective editing and fab results, online.

The platform is used by top media in the world such as Pandora, Twill, Cloudplay, Hyatt, etc. Get started with the free trial to get you excited most.

3. alternative to opus clip

Pricing: Free, with upgrades start at $21 per month

Best for: Small and mid scale marketing team

What we like:

  • ✔️ Auto-video captioning, resizing, clipping
  • ✔️ Powerful social media templates
  • ✔️ Supports all OS and smart devices

What we dislike

    • ❌ Bit expensive than is a powerful AI tool with sleek UI interface, providing better user experience throughout the operation. We have used it for more than one hour and have to say exceptionally good.

You can do everything that resides in the genre of opus clip tools. You can generate short video clips with AI assistance, edit, trim, and enhance with AI assistance including making cinematic footage.

While creating your videos, you can also instantly share them on your social media accounts at the click of a button. It has been used by 2 million podcasters, creators, and markets across the globe.

4. best alternative for short video

Pricing: Free, with upgrades start at $9.90 per month

Best for: eCommerce and small businesses

What we like:

  • ✔️ Facial tracking and animated subtitle generation
  • ✔️ Multiple affordable plans for all
  • ✔️ Fast AI-powered video generation response

What we dislike

    • ❌ Fewer presets and templates

Need another inspiration platform like opus clip, leverage service that offers AI-generated reels, tiktok videos, and shorts for youtube without waiting of time.

Its intelligent technology analyzes your video and extracts the best moments of your videos and turns them into performing short clips with filters, music, and more.

Regardless of any other opus clip alternatives, this platform has center-stage facial tracking, one-click animated subtitles, and brand presets for creative video creation.

To best use the platform, you can try Starter pack which is free of cost for a limited time where you can access all features and 30 minutes of AI video analyzing per month.

5. EditAir

EditAir app like opus clip

Pricing: Free, with upgrades start at $20 per month

Best for: eCommerce and small businesses

What we like:

  • ✔️ Simple and clean user interface
  • ✔️ Fast response of Artificial Intelligence
  • ✔️ Convenient editing option

What we dislike

    • ❌ Limited number of features available in free plan

In the sleeve of opus clip alternatives, we have EditAir at the fifth position because of its amazing features and the solutions it gradually offers.

The best alternative to video editing software powered by AI to create shorter videos, clips, reels, and snippets.

Unlike and Klap, you need to sign up to get started with short viral video creation.

As we tested for an hour, we concluded that it could be the best companion content creation tool for everyone.

6. Nova AI

Nova AI sites similar to opus clip

Pricing: Free, with upgrades start at $8 per month

Best for: Anyone looking to create and edit video online

What we like:

  • ✔️ Merge multiple video clips together
  • ✔️ Resize your videos to any pixel
  • ✔️ Clear text to speech output

What we dislike

    • ❌ Watermarked video in free plan

Mainly observed as convenient online video editing software, Nova AI also performs AI-enabled short video creation from long videos.

You will get a host of features that are incredible to use and important as per the creative video creation aspect.

You can range from basic functions to advanced features to create brand-class videos for your business.

From text to speech generator to video mergers and more, it all happens online.

7. Wisecut

Wisecut alternative to opusclip

Pricing: Free, with upgrades start at $10 per month

Best for: Marketing professionals and eCommerce

What we like:

  • ✔️ Intelligently cut and edit video
  • ✔️ Silent auto cut feature
  • ✔️ Auto subtitles and translations

What we dislike

    • ❌ Free plan consist watermark exports

Concerning growing your audience, you must use Wisecut short video creation toolkit as an opus clip alternative which is AI-powered to create, edit, and share viral videos to grow your audience.

Being AI-powered, the platform offers an extensive range of automation tasks such as an auto cut in silence, auto-translation and subtitles, adding background music, and much more.

With tutorials and guides in between makes it easier to learn at best even if you’re a beginner. Additionally, this tool also empowers marketers to create error-free Ad banners online.


Minvo opusclip alternative

Pricing: Plans start at $7.99 per month

Best for: Event organizer and educators

What we like:

  • ✔️ Auto framing and emojis
  • ✔️ Can add background music
  • ✔️ One-click social media sharing

What we dislike

    • ❌ No free trial available

Minvo is good for those who have just started sharing shorts or creating reels for their audience. With a clean and simple user interface, they can create and edit short-length videos in minutes.

Though it’s not free to use, you can get started with its most affordable plan at $7.99 per month which is more cost-friendly than any mentioned in this list.

Another great feature we noticed is its live chat support but only available in pro and pro plus plans. Live support helps you out with ongoing queries that arise in your operation till it resolves – thumbs up for this!

9. Vizard

Vizard site like opus clip

Pricing: Free, with upgrades start at $16 per month

Best for: Everyone including content creators

What we like:

  • ✔️ Free plans offer access to full feature
  • ✔️ 300 mins of free AI clipping credits every month
  • ✔️ Clip in 18 languages, with more coming

What we dislike

    • ❌ Expensive pricing compared to other alternatives

At position nine, we ranked Vizard which equally performs like opus clip alternative, featuring a fast and powerful AI-creation kit for generating short video clips online.

The platform offers more extraordinary features and functionality than other alternatives in this list.

The best thing we like is the video translation feature to 28 languages, allowing owners to create one video in a different language without doing math for hours.

This tool is good and conventional in aspect of user interface and fast video generation for brands.

10. Shrynk

Shrynk alternative to opus clip

Pricing: Not disclosed

Best for: eCommerce and large brands

What we like:

  • ✔️ Fast video analyzing through AI
  • ✔️ Easy sharing options
  • ✔️ Review preparation i.e. saves time

What we dislike

    • ❌ Cannot experience tool instantly

At last, Shrynk mimics the service of Opus clip alternatives but doesn’t provide a free trial or sneak peek at the dashboard of the tool.

To access it you need to request a demo from their team through providing your email address. Also, you can schedule a meeting in case you haven’t much time.

Particularly, the platform provides AI-powered features to create clips for your social platforms considering your audience behavior at a glance.

However, it’s hard to completely trust this software as it lacks offering transparency as we have seen in other opus clip alternatives.


Benefits Of Sites Like Opus Clip

Though opus clip alternative is convenient, flexible, and good for creators, it has some drawbacks that led to the fair switch to a website similar to opus clip.

Sites like opus clip offer intuitive advantages to creators which are mentioned below.

Cost-effectiveness: Alternatives to opus clip provide more affordable subscription plans. Eliminates the need for expensive software or hiring professional editors.

Attractive templates: These platforms may provide attractive templates for your viral videos better than opus clips does.

Community support: You may get better community support in areas like tips, tricks, and techniques including customer support if you encounter any issues.

Who Should Be Using Alternatives To Opus Clip?

These websites like opus clip are for everyone looking to create and edit videos with various features like adding effects, text, and music.

Without the involvement of coding and higher editing skills, generative AI-powered tools will create 10x faster viral shorts in a short period.

These tools can be fairly used from eCommerce, event organizer, and personal projects to content creators, small businesses, and educators.

In conclusion, it is suitable for anyone looking to create high-quality videos easily and affordably.

Synopsis About Opus Clip


Opus clip is a powerful tool for creators interested in creating short viral clips without any wait and much editing skills.

Being popular in the United States, more than five million creators and businesses are using this software.

Explaining, Opus Clip uses generative artificial intelligence to turn long videos into short viral clips with various features like adding effects, text, and music.

Having said that, it is being used for creating viral TikTok clips, Instagram reels, and Snapshots that stand on their own.

Because it has gained so much popularity, there are many opus clip alternatives generated in the market. Above mentioned were best picked by our team.

Hope you liked them…! Thanks for reading this article.

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FAQs About Opus Clip Alternatives

Read answers of the commonly asked questions related to opus clip websites.

How do these alternatives to opus clip work?

Alternative to opus clip works through generative AI algorithms that analyze your video and pick the best video and merge them with subtitles, music, and filters.

Is there a way to convert an opus file to mp3?

Yes, opus clip to mp3 is possible through the use of online tools like Movavi that offer convenient mediums.

Is it good to use an opus clip alternative?

Leveraging mentioned alternatives to opus clip is beneficial in many ways. Providing powerful presets and templates to live support is possible.

Which is the best alternative to opus clip?

Klap is the best Opus Clip alternative in this list. It has everything related to creative video creation for your social media.

Disclaimer: The information written on this article is for education purposes only. We do not own them or not partnered to these websites. For more information, read our terms and conditions

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