Top 10 Internet Providers In The World (2024 Updated)

Top 10 Internet Providers In The World | List Of Fastest ISP Providers

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Updated On 14 March 2024 

Approaching an internet provider for your home doesn’t have to be hard this year. Check out our top picks for the cheapest, fastest, and most budgetable plans.

It is true that the internet keeps us online and helps us connect anywhere across the globe.

Countries with the fastest internet in the world enjoy the robustness of internet speed for downloading games, streaming content, and other stuff.

Verizon Fios, AT&T Fiber, and Xfinity are among the best internet providers stated by the Forbes 2023 reports.

Let’s check out the top 10 internet providers in the world.

Quick View: Best Internet Providers

Ziply Fiber
Ziply Fiber Best fiber internet provider for home $40 – $300 per month 100 – 10,000Mbps
AT&T Fiber internet provider
AT&T Fiber Fastest fiber optic internet $55 – $250 per month 300 – 5,000Mbps
Google Fiber
Google Fiber Great value for high-speed internet access $70 – $100 per month 1,000 – 2,000Mbps
Verizon Fios Internet Provider
Verizon Fios New and acclaimed internet provider $50 – $120 per month 300 – 2,000Mbps
Xfinity Internet Provider
Xfinity Fastest internet, with multi-gig speeds $20 – $120 per month 75 – 2,000Mbps
WideOpenWest Best internet provider for value $20 – $95 per month 100 – 1,200Mbps
Spectrum Best cable internet provider $30 – $90 per month 300 – 1,000Mbps
Quantum Fiber
Quantum Fiber Best cheap internet provider $50 – $75 per month 10 – 940Mbps
Viasat Reliable satellite internet provider $70 – $300 per month 12 – 150Mbps
HughesNet Internet Provider
HughesNet Best alternate satellite internet provider $50 – $150 per month 15 – 50Mbps

The Next Tech has done the research to find the fast, reliable internet providers. Internet speed, pricing, and customer satisfaction are some of the important factors considered while searching for the top 10 internet providers in the world.

Best Internet Providers In The World

Sit back and go through the list of the largest internet companies in the world.

1. Ziply Fiber

Ziply Fiber

  • Unlimited data
  • No contracts
  • Fast rural internet connection

Northwest Fiber, LLC, doing business as Ziply Fiber is located in Kirkland, Washington. The company has been serving reliable and fast fiber internet and networking for home with fast uploads and downloads since its inception.

It offers fiber as well DSL networking service to American homes. Ziply also offers whole-home Wi-Fi with three add-ons in its $10 modern rental fee. It is a fast, reliable internet provider for anyone interested in trying out fiber connection at home.


  • Simple, competitive pricing
  • No data caps, contracts or credit checks
  • Continuous fiber expansion and development


  • Lots of room to grow fiber service

2. AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber internet provider

  • Unlimited data
  • No contracts
  • Equipment included

AT&T is the second best internet provider that offers hyper-fast (wireless and without wireless internet) connection with unpredictable speed. The pricing plans of both internet connections are feasible and hence value of money.

This is to say that AT&T plans are convenient and seem promising to its value – especially when it does not prompt any data caps. While on top of that AT&T is highly ranked for customer satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.


  • No data caps for any fiber plans
  • Valuable perks and promotional offers
  • No contracts required


  • Data caps enforced on all non-fiber plans

3. Google Fiber

Google Fiber

  • Unlimited data
  • No ongoing commitments
  • Equipment included

It has been an interesting ride since Google announced its first fiber internet connectivity to the people. Initially started with the metro cities in the United States, since then it has grown drastically.

Though it has served over 29 states in the United States, the company recently worked on expanding fiber access to more cities along with plans that support higher speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second.


  • Speeds start at 1Gbps
  • Continuing fiber expansion
  • No data caps or contracts


  • No cheap plans

4. Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios Internet Provider

  • Unlimited data
  • No contracts
  • Equipment included

Verizon Fios is among the world’s best internet providers and it was one of the first to offer fiber to the home services. It gained popularity when Verizon expanded its availability of its 5G home internet service to 900 cities.

As of now, Verizon Fios plans are 100% fiber with unmatched speed for doing anything from long hours streaming to hyper-large game downloading. Their services are also customer friendly and value for money.


  • All Verizon Fios plans are 100% fiber
  • No term agreements
  • No data caps


  • LTE and DSL options are pricey

5. Xfinity

Xfinity Internet Provider

  • Data caps on some plans
  • Huge plan options
  • Great customer trust

Xfinity served over a hundred million users in the United States and because of its uncounted number of varying plans that are too affordable to try – made it the fifth best internet provider in the world.

Xfinity servers great rewards and friendly pricing plans while keeping download speeds of up to 2,000Mbps. However, Spectrum comes at a slightly better value than the most Xfinity plans. That doesn’t mean you won’t get better speed and reliability – unless you try by yourself.


  • Good variety of plans
  • Great customer satisfaction metrics
  • Fastest residential plans available


  • Data caps for some plans
  • In some plans, contracts are must

6. WideOpenWest


  • Exciting rewards
  • Unlimited data on some plans
  • No contracts

In short WOW… is the largest cable operator in the United States. The company provides internet, cable, and phone services at a price that feels affordable to everyone.

In addition, the provider doesn’t enforce agreements with any of its plans and instead offer a 30-day money-back guarantee when you become their customer. The range to expect from WOW fiber is between 100 – 1,200Mbps.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No silly contracts
  • Huge data and competitive pricing


  • Limited availability

7. Spectrum


  • Unlimited Data
  • Simple Pricing
  • No contracts

Another cheap and reliable broadband connection provider, Spectrum offers competitive pricing for its fiber-based connection for residential use in the United States.

Spectrum hosts an affordable connectivity program that lets its users save up to $30 per month, excluding home-based small businesses or commercials. All of their fiber plans look promising as it grants freaking terrific upload and download speed.


  • No data caps on any plans
  • Free access to Spectrum’s nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots
  • No contracts required for internet service


  • Competitive rates for cable
  • Lower customer satisfaction

8. Quantum Fiber

Quantum Fiber

  • Affordable plans
  • Unlimited data
  • No contracts

Quantum Fiber isn’t a big name in the internet provider but it offers extremely amazing speed for mobile, TVs, and other. Quantum fiber is a CenturyLink sister company that provides fiber-based internet connectivity in the United States, limited to fewer cities only.

Quantum Fiber offers easy-to-buy plans with maximum speed of up to 940Mbps with 20 times faster upload speed than cable, unlimited data on a 99.9% reliable network, and seamless 360 Wi-Fi coverage.


  • Fastest and most affordable DSL plans
  • Unlimited data and no contracts required


  • Plans selection is limited to address availability

9. Viasat


  • Fast and reliable service
  • No hard data cap
  • Nationwide availability

Viasat is an American-based communications company that has a strong portfolio in providing high-speed satellite internet wherever you live.

It’s a bit different from cable-based or fiber-based connectivity, but it works great for those having a lifestyle of aviation and defense along with involvement in space and networking technology.


  • Great availability in rural areas
  • No data overage fees
  • Performs better than other satellite internet provider


  • Lower speed and high latency

10. HughesNet

HughesNet Internet Provider

  • U.S. News & World Report acclaimed
  • No hard data cap
  • Only available in the United States

HughesNet is a good alternative to internet providers based on Satellite connectivity in the rural areas. If you are not happy with the Viasat services, you can try HughesNet’s fast speed internet at lower prices.

Moreover, HughesNet was the first satellite internet service to offer connectivity speed of 25Mbps in 2017 and since then it has improved its coverage and speed. The availability of HughesNet is higher than Viasat and most people living in rural areas rely on HughesNet at a glance.


  • Consistent broadband speeds in all service areas
  • No hard data limits
  • Data saving features available


  • Two-year contract that makes pretty obvious to rely on

What Is The Best Internet Provider Overall?

There are many internet providers that offer varying services, each distinct in their own terms and price. Thus, finding the overall best internet provider is challenging.

If you live in the Northeast, you won’t find a better option than Verizon Fios while in the other states, you can find multiple options such as AT&T Fiber service is greatly reliable and Ziply Fiber is also used in many U.S. residentials.


Internet Connection Types

Internet connections may vary based on technology diversification. Think about six types of internet available – Fiber, Cable, Fixed wireless, DSL, and Satellite.

DSL (Late 1980s – 1990s): Digital Subscriber Line technology emerged in the 1980s and gained good popularity in the late 1990s. DSL is still popular in many countries because of faster internet speeds over traditional phone lines. Companies like AT&T and CenturyLink offer DSL internet.

Cable Internet (Late 1990s): In the late 1990s, cable internet was introduced and its speed is fast compared to DSL, thanks to coaxial cable infrastructure. Also, cable internet is reliable than satellite internet and offers faster download speeds as well. Companies like Spectrum and Xfinity offer cable internet.

Satellite Internet (Late 1990s): Introduced in the late 1990s when cable-based internet connection popularized. It is a broadband connection type deployed in the rural areas where access to DSL, cable or fiber internet is not possible. Viasat and HughesNet are the top satellite internet providers in the world.

Fixed Wireless (2000s): This type of connection primitively uses radio signals to connect fixed points and it is commonly found in rural areas where laying cables is impractical. However, it is not a reliable consideration because it can be influenced by weather conditions.

Fiber Connection (2000s): Fiber-based internet connection is the gold standalone if you can get it. It delivers top-notch speed and reilabile connectivity to TVs, smartphones, desktops, and others. Companies like AT&T, Google and Verizon offer Gig speed through fiber-optic internet.

What’s The Final Word On The Best Internet Providers

Finding the best ISP is easier with the list mentioned above. But the one that best often is simply the one available at your address.

The mentioned internet providers are operated in multiple locations. Search and contact one of them closer to your home. Be mindful asking questions that you have in your mind and when you are satisfied, do the needful.

Best Internet Providers FAQs

Who is the fastest internet provider?

Many internet providers offer gigabit speed. But the fastest internet provider is Ziply Fiber that transmits 100 to 10000 Mbps speed to its customers.

What internet speed do I need?

Reportedly, a good internet speed is at least 100 MBPS and a good upload speed is at least 10 MBPS for an individual. However, the requirement of internet speed depends on how many people use the internet in your home.

Which ISP delivers strong coverage and speed?

AT&T and Verizon have a strong coverage and speed that it offers to their customers. Both are available in the different cities of the states of the United States.

What internet providers do people trust?

Among the top internet providers, ComCast aka Xfinity is a leader in the Telecommunications sector that offers trustworthy services to their customers.

Are there any contracts or fees to pay in advance?

Well, it depends on business to business. However, top internet providers such as Xfinity and Verizon Fios don't demand for contracts or fees.

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