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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy refers to the information about the personal data that The Next Tech store while carrying out general operations. We understand the worth of the personal information of your users and strive hard to upkeep with the utmost care.  We are committed to offering the best user experience without compromising on the GDPR rules and regulations.

Under the strict following of GDPR regulations, we gather a part of our clients’ personal details such as name, address, contact and correspondence details, and email address. For all the personal data gathered, The News Tech is the data controller and takes proper security measures to safe and secure use.

We encourage all our users to read our privacy policy to comprehend our work process and understand how we keep users at the pivot.

What personal information we do gather?

As a part of our operations, we gather personal information like name, constant number, email address, postal address and so on from our clients. All these are the information that we directly collect from the end-user when they login/participates/gain access or create an account on our official website.  This set of information is basically gathered with a sole purpose to know our readers in a better way and endow them with more customized and focused content.

Apart from this personal information, we also gather some technical information such as IP address, browser details, cookies, number of links clicked, pages viewed and third-party information from our users in our work process.  This type of information can only be collected once the user visits our platform, browser the news and read an article.  As all these information are use-based only, we can only accumulate them once you use our services. Otherwise, we have no hold over them.

Another way via which we gather our users’ information is the mobile interface. To provide you information-on-the-go, we have developed a mobile news application for our platform. Users can easily download it from the play store and start reading the news right on their mobile phone screen. However, during the course of the action, the user needs to submit some basic details like email address, password and contact details.

Furthermore, our mobile application may also gather your location details without being asked as it is an automatic operation carried out to provide area-wise important information.

We may have a Facebook/Instagram login process via which we might gain access to your profile picture, photos, status, and comments. However, you can totally avoid this by choosing email-based login option.

In case you are writing for us under guest post scheme then you need to authenticate your identity by providing your whole set of personal details.

Why we collect personal information?

The News Tech is the information portal that aims to serve its readers with intellectual, informative and thought-provoking content from across the world.   Doing it demands a lot of research, expertise and little contribution from the readers’ side as well. When we know our readers from a close distance we are able to serve them what exactly is required. That is why we seek a part of your personal information.

Apart from this, other main reasons for doing so are:

  • Communicate with whenever is required- Communication is the key to everything and we all know this well in advance. While we are serving you, we may require contacting you for various purposes like giving updates about a topic of your interest, service updates, ongoing events, and guest post invitation. This can be possible only if we have your correspondence details.
  • We change for better- Change is the only constant and we strive hard to become better than ever. We may change our service policies or platform details without prior notice. However, you could be stay updated about this if you allow us to contact you and provide your contact details.
  • Keeping you in the loop- While using our services, we may face some or other issues with services. We require your details in order to provide the right solutions for any consumer or service issues.
  • We shun all ill-practices – Issues like online fraud, illegal activities and account hacks are pretty common in today’s world. If you are facing one such issue then we need your contact details while resolving it.

Who all will be using your personal data apart from The News Tech?

The News Tech has a wide network of associates that help us to offer what we call an upstate and par excellence service.  Our affiliates, subsidiaries, and third-party contacts work with joined hands to deliver what exactly is asked for.  In doing so, we may have to disclose whole or a part of your personal data/information to them.

Apart from this, we may have to disclose your personal data when:

  • We are legally bound to do so.
  • We require it to maintain the good faith between our readers and service provider.
  • We change the ownership.

Your personal data may proceed and disclose to any of our resources without bringing this into your knowledge.  You shall understand that it is a part of the process and offer your support in this. However, you shall be assured that there would not be any misuse of your personal data as long as it is with The News Tech.

Parental supervision

The Next Tech understands the fact the children privacy needs to be taken care with extra vigilance and urge parents of children less than 16 years to provide their supervision. If your children are below permissible age then the use of our platform should be watched over and parents have all the rights not to disclose their children’s personal information.

If your children have provided any personal information that you may feel should not be shared then you are suggested to contact us at any point in time. We will do the needful as soon as possible.

Instructions for guest posts

If you are writing for us then you shall comprehend with the fact that you are not allowed to the share any personal details about you over our platform. You shall only mention your name and area of expertise while posting it over our platform. If we find that you are not meeting our guest posting criteria, we reserve all the rights to refuse to post the content on our website.

Privacy policy changes

The News Tech reserves all the rights to change/alter and amend its privacy policy statement without any prior notice. We will highly appreciate if you keep of visiting our privacy policy page to have the latest knowledge about this. We shall not be held liable for any loss/damage happened because of your unawareness about our latest policies and regulations.

All the changes made to our privacy policy will be applicable right after we post it on our website. Apart from the changes made, we will also post the details about the day and date of changes made.

Contact Us

In case of any queries and concerns, you are free to contact us on below-mentioned details.

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We will try to reach you as soon as possible and offer you the right resolution for your concerns/issues.

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